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A brand new art gallery founded by millennials passionate about arts and exposing young artists by completing re-interpreting two floors of an abandoned building - forming an Art space in the heart of Bangkok City!


Creativbkk started as hashtag on instagram where we discovered and exposed local artists with minimal engagement but with great potential. We then began meeting with artists online during the lockdown where we discussed their motivations and struggles. Talking to these "unknown" artists inspired us and gave us the push that we needed to actually open up a physical gallery in the heart of Bangkok - giving them the opportunity and the exposure to local and international audience, which we believe they deserve.

What Differentiates Us?

Visual Arts not only offer us so much pleasurable experience and creative inspiration but are also central to our society and economy. Hence, Creativbkk audience and essentially people we work with are intellectually curious and enthusiastically engaged with Visual Arts, whether that be Cinematic arts, the art of storytelling, sculpture, painting, photography, or even NFTs - the list goes on!

We believe visual Arts contribute to the creative economy, to originality across the creative industries, to the vitality of our towns and cities and, crucially, to tourism.