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Today we are bombarded with a lot of

(mis) information. The truth may not always be known, which is exactly what the instigators hope for. They don't want the truth to really matter or hope it won't, since we now live in the world where the court is one of public opinion. Once the damage is done, reputation lost, the lawsuits and court rulings hardly matter. While all real abuses should be punished, how do we guarantee that everyone will get a fair chance?


Venus was the goddess of love that had many abusive relationships. Her partners/victims are tattooed on her body in this painting. You can be the judge of her story.

Artwork Specifications:

  • Technique: Oil, acrylic, charcoal and pastels on
    mulberry paper

  • Dimensions: 55 × 80CM

  • Certificate of Authenticity (COA)

  • Hand signed by the artist.

  • Gallery's official stamp.

  • Year of Creation: 2022

The Birth of Fake News.

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