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Marilyn Monroe rolls in her grave at the sight of Kim K sauntering down the red carpet in her dress! Some say it’s meta how a celeb, famous for being famous, appropriates the dress of the most infamous icon in the history of popular culture. Others think the
whole thing is grotesque, the skin of Marilyn reanimated, her ghost that has long haunted our memories, now on every social media feed, the story of how Kim K did (or didn’t squeeze into it) looping in our brains.


Artwork Specifications:

  • Technique: Oil and acrylic on mulberry paper

  • Dimensions: 55 × 80CM

  • Certificate of Authenticity (COA)

  • Hand signed by the artists.

  • Gallery's official stamp.

  • Year of Creation: 2022

My Dress, Bitch!

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