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Poking fun at probably the most famous slogan ever used in Soi Cowboy (not far from here): no money, no honey. Although Lisa herself was not poor, she did marry Francesco, who was her senior and was slightly better off than her, suggesting that money had something to do with it. But really don't we all wish for a better life?


A crow at the top of her head, suggests a cunning decision made in the reality of day. Sometimes love is not enough, especially if it only feeds your soul but not nourishes your body.

Artwork Specifications:

  • Technique: Oil, acrylic, charcoal and pastels on
    mulberry paper

  • Dimension: 55 × 80CM

  • Certificate of Authenticity (COA)

  • Hand signed by the artist.

  • Gallery's official stamp.

  • Year of Creation: 2022


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