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CREATIVBKK - the launch

An Art Gallery formed abandoned building right in the heart of Bangkok city!

"Creativbkk, a new gallery and creative space in Soi Sukhumvit 3/1, which can be called a Hidden Gallery because it is located on the 3rd and 4th floor of George Custom Tailors shop... Curator & Co-Founder Natasha Chawla spoke about the gallery, adding that it aims to be an exhibition space that invites questions and perspectives to audiences."

- Sarakadee Lite Thailand

"In the world of Kingsman, a classic British Spy movie - instead, secret is an art gallery that showcases the uniqueness and beauty of art for audiences to enjoy and engage with. Finding hidden meaning in various works charmingly."

- Thai Art Nerds

"Nana is well known for its pubs, bars, and body-based businesses. Using the neighborhood's secret areas as exhibition spaces to present a story with works of art can make a very unique experience for people visiting the gallery"

- Genders Matter

"Creativbkk, a new art gallery opened in Soi Sukhumvit 3/1 around Nana. It could be called a secret gallery, because it is located on the 3rd and 4th floor of George Custom Tailors...

This gallery was born out of the intention of supporting new artists in Bangkok to be better known to both domestic and international audiences. It all started with #CreativBkk on Instagram, which is a collection of Bangkok artists' work tags. That is not known or very famous, bust has interesting works. The founding team of CreativBkk talked to these artists during lockdown and came up with the idea that they really wanted to open a gallery."

- Time Out Bangkok

To think that it all started by simply creating an instagram page to discover and expose local artists in and around Bangkok, Thailand, shows that sometimes there's a reason behind everything you do, even if it was just for fun.

We grew connection with loads of artists and even interviewed some of them!

(All interviews on: Creativbkk YouTube Channel)

From that we learnt that it was difficult for a lot of the local artists to get recognized or get their works out in public, in physical spaces around the city (especially since the global pandemic). Plus, with the rise in NFTs a lot of the artists were opting to create digital art, as it was easier to get their work out there in public. Which might be true but not for long... Creativbkk is located in the city and works with young local artists to get their story out there for people from each and every corner of the world to visit and learn about unknown artists and view their works in a physical space, to build hope and ignite the passion in artists to create more.

"Natasha Chawla, the gallery's co-founder and curator, is extremely proud of the event. "This is my first physical event ... I never thought that day would come that I would be able to accomplish something as major as this." She went on to ensure art enthusiasts that there will be more to come"

- Koktail Magazine

"A gallery created with intention by CoFounder, Natasha Chawla... She wants to create a space for artists to share their stories and hope that this space can open new perspective for many people"


Co-Founder, Natasha Chawla after just recently graduated and was at the time working as an art director online, decided to take Creativbkk to the next level. She wanted to find a solution to create more opportunities for local artists, who wants nothing but a space to showcase their works of art, who wants nothing but to just be recognized, who wants nothing but their works to be SEEN and appreciated. With her knowledge and passion along with her consistent dedication to 'making this happen'.

She was brought to what used to be a Lebanese restaurant in one of the busiest streets of Bangkok (before the pandemic). A great space she thought and after snapping a few photos and discussing with people in the art community and a few artists, she was convinced to turn the two abandoned floors into an art space - and so she did.

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