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The first ever solo exhibition of Photographer Pisut Srisuwan, aka: James.

The contents in this exhibition was able to shock people of Bangkok and guided them to see nudity in a whole different light. This exhibition was able to educate the youth in Bangkok about what art is and how there is so much more to art than just a decorative piece of painting around the house.

Watch what the Nude Models and Friends of the artist have to say about this exhibition:

This exhibition is primarily about the connection between human beings and their basic desires, but it's been describe very well by the local journalist:

"..."Humanity is that everyone can coexist regardless of their body type or skin color. This is the basis of humanity. We are all born as a human first and foremost. I was inspired by a painting of Michelangelo, which I think a variety of people can see and connect with. If you look at all the work, there will be plus size models and or human with a deformed anatomy, I see the beauty in this." Thirty year old artist, James mentions when asked about the works in his exhibition. He found issues he wanted to address after spending time by himself during the COVID-19 pandemic."

- Sarakadee Lite Magazine

"Coexistence, a nude photographic exhibition that addresses the fundamentals of human beings such as gender, sex, body shape and skin color. James (Pisut Srisuwan), an artist and a photographer, interested in human anatomy and humanity - will bare the covering for us to see that we are human beings who share the same basic needs and must coexist under natural differences."

- Time Out Bangkok

""Sex is bad. It's embarrassing." This is what we all - in society have been taught. The traditional or old ways of thinking tells us what is good and what is bad. However, today we would like to invite you to come see an exhibition that undresses the fabric on the body, like an old belief that stifles and stigmatizes the subject sex, gender and body shape.


"Having published his work in magazine and visual advertisements, photographer Pisut Srisuwan has now put together his first solo exhibition titled Coexistence. Displayed at the new art space Creativbkk. Each one of Pisut' photographs features nude individuals in various poses. "Freedom, love and equality are basic human desires," says Pisut. "However, some cultures' beliefs create 'desirable' characteristics, limiting and encapsulating other expressions. Sex and gender have been controversial topics for centuries""

- Kook Vichayuth, KOKTAIL magazine

"Using the neighborhood's secret area as exhibition spaces to present a story about the creation of the body's value that makes us think that there are many different kinds of beauty in the body. They can be desirable in it's own way, unlike the ideal beauty shown on mainstream media"

- Genders Matter



All Photographs have been printed on Certified ILLFORD Fine art, textured silk material and all purchases includes the premium wooden frame which was exclusively customized by the artist for his first solo exhibition.

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