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An Artist's Journey into Cubism

A solo exhibition of a thai cubist Nattawat

Artist Nattawat utilises cubism, an art form that started in the early 20th century, to tell his story and his perspective on life. The exhibition is divided into three parts or "chapters": "The White Period", a reflection of his battle with depression; "The Muse", a slice of his romantic life; and finally, "Cubism", a series of vibrant and muted cubist portraits of the personal and spiritual figures he holds dear.

- Koktail Magazine

An exhibition that revives the works of the early 20th century come back to life again It is an exhibition in Cubism style by 'Nattawat Pansaiing', bringing modern paintings to tell through the artist's perspective on various events in life.
-DG Arts and Crafts

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