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Juliah S. Champion


Juliah S. Champion (J u l e s - จูลส์) is a multidiscipline Thai designer and a creative visual artist who has a great love for the stars. She was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. In the Space industry, she's known as a Space, Art & Design Pioneer due to her creative projects in creating a new medium of experiencing space exploration.


However, in terms of art, her creation often evolves around an ability to connect, interact and express her worldview in a thought-provoking approach. Often time did so with a trace of cosmic lore, depicting someone or things to reflect what is to come of the future tomorrow.

Screen Shot 2565-10-26 at 00.08_edited.jpg


Space, Art & Design Pioneer Princess

Description: The artwork depictures a moment in time when the artist has to fight to defend her childhood dream and her love to pursue her career in the Space sector. A path that is seemingly impossible for a girl who has little to zero connection to the world of Science. Despite what seemed to be an endless struggle, through the utilisation of her creativity, she decided to forge a great sword and armour out of the negativities. Ultimately give her the ability to choose to be her own knight and uses the newly found strength to push back and make her space in the world.

Artwork Specifications:

  • Technique: TBU

  • Dimensions: TBU

  • Certificate of Authenticity (COA)

  • Hand signed by the artist.

  • Gallery's official stamp.

  • Year of Creation: 2022

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